E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solution

Managing your company purchasing is now much easier. With Versateq, you will improve your overall purchasing, maintain better control, help meet budgetary constraints, and give you analysis tools to keep control of your purchasing activity. 

Our online ordering platform, called V-Net, is our proprietary ordering portal that we can customize to meet your specific needs. We’ll work with you to build the platform to give you the management tools to control cost, and pinpoint ordering issues to help you maintain best ordering practices across all of your users.


V-Net can provide you with:

  • Multiple billing options; down to the cost center level if you choose
  • Administrative control—define what users can do and what they can order
  • Single ordering platform for all products—site is designed for and specific to you
  • Tools to make sure your brand identity is maintained
  • Inventory management
  • Virtual proofing in the template-based ordering module
  • Order verification and optional administrative approval process