Imaging Technology / CAR / Check 21

Imaging Technology

When it comes to operations technology, Versateq is “More than just a printer.” With the introduction of Image Capture technology a number of years ago, Versateq took a leadership role in helping financial institutions not only understand the technology, but also to make financial institutions operationally efficient. Today, financial institutions across the country are benefiting from operational efficiencies with this technology and supporting documents designed by Versateq.

 We know your business. Many of the Versateq staff has bank operations experience, so we understand what needs to happen in creating document solutions. We work with most of the technology/software providers in the industry and have established a high level of credibility with these providers as someone that can bring in expertise and guidance in document design.

    Image capture continues to evolve. Now more than ever, proper negotiable and non-negotiable document design is critical to the success of image capture and Check 21 regulations. Versateq provides expertise in internal forms design as well as proper check design to meet ANSI Standards for Check Background and Convenience Amount Field. We work not only with financial institutions but also commercially to provide this expertise.

    Our Guarantee. If a design or production aspect makes documents unreadable, we will replace the documents at our expense.

    Our solutions bring:

    • Compatibility with Software
    • Higher Read Rates
    • Purchasing Efficiency
    • Branch Capture Implementation

    CAR Dos and Don’ts

    • DO Use black ink pens.
    • DO Write clearly.
    • DO Use one number per box.
    • DO Use black teller validation ribbons.
    • DO Change ribbon often to ensure a sharp validation.
    • DO Keep all validations on back of ticket, except for Cash Ins / Cash Outs.
    • DO Keep Cash Ins / Cash Outs validation as close to same place on every other.
    • DO Keep teller stamps off front of document or eliminate all together.
    • DO Complete all necessary CAR boxes for amounts.
    • DO Keep all handwriting away from CAR boxes, other than amounts intended to go in CAR boxes.
    • DO Review work as needed with procedures to assure high read rates.
    • DON’T Use any hyphens, dashes or decimal points in CAR boxes.
    • DON’T Substitute a line for double zero or cents.
    • DON’T Use Army 7’s.
    • DON’T Underline any numbers in the cents CAR boxes.
    • DON’T Loop any numbers or zeroes together.
    • DON’T Initial anywhere near your amount CAR boxes.
    • DON’T Circle your transaction or amount CAR boxes.